A Dream of Mine

A Dream of Mine started in July of 2007 and provides many "handmade knitted and crochets items for babies to adults."  From their website, you can browse their catalog of items.  Some of the items are baby things, clothing accessories, floral & ceramic centerpieces, hats & scarves, and household items.  They will also take custom orders, just contact them through their website:  http://adreamofmine.com/

You can also find more about this company through their Facebook page: 
A Dream of Mine Facebook Page

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Toy Anxiety

They carry a wide variety of action figures and other toys.  They feature collectible toys from different TV shows, movies and even military figures all from the 1960's to present.  If you are looking for that hard-to-find toy, perhaps you should check out Toy Anxiety's website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  From their website they state, "Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog."

Toy Anxiety
13825 N. 32nd Street, Suite 15
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
(602) 308-0292

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Isher Creations

I am always excited to meet artists who have extraordinary and rare art for sale.  I found such an artist at Phoenix FearCon.  Jim Transue's booth roped me in with its imaginary frills, Steampunkins and Mummified Faeries.  Sharon got a deal on a couple of mermaid fossils.  They pride themselves in reasonable prices and the finest product conceivable.  Check out their online store and glance through all the merchandise in the catalog.

Website: http://www.ishercreations.com/main.sc
Isher Creations Facebook Page
Mummified-Fairies Facebook Page

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Mind-boggling Airbrush Art and Tattoos

I love wandering around events and checking out all the interesting booths.  This past Phoenix FearCon, I was delighted to meet Tim Randall, a noteworthy artist.  His airbrush paintings are full of vivid colors and astounding themes which covers each canvas.  They range from dark and nefarious to humorous or engaging.  You can find his art on canvas or custom made clothing.  Tim is also an amazing tattoo artist as well.  Check out his work and where to find him on the following sites:

Dark Goddess Creations

For Steampunk lovers and other who enjoy wearing one-of-a-kind items, Dark Goddess Creations is the place for you to shop.  You have a wide range of jewelry choices, clothing frills, and authentic “burlesque corsets that are steel boned and busked” (as noted on her Facebook page).  Serena creates inventive accessories which are reimagined from used former jewelry and castoff watches.  Check out her distinctive style, exceptional creations and add them to your collection.

Having fun in costume at Phoenix FearCon 2014.