July 28, 2012

Kickin' Up Dust Now in Print!

"This book chronicles the lives of Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson, two paranormal bloggers, who met at a tough time in both their lives. Facing middle-aged dilemmas, hard times and rough decisions, they sought the open road to uncover the mysteries of the paranormal world. In the process of getting away from their problems, the women went towards something even more precious—their genuine selves. Each chapter of this book begins with the authors' goals heading off on road trip adventures, sharing both their points of view during their sojourns, and ends with all the unexpected outcomes. It's those unexpected outcomes that lead toward the woman's metamorphoses and their success. They hit the road to get lost and serendipitously found themselves. Join their ghost hunts, urban explorations, and the process of living up to one's potential. You might just start using their favorite phrase, “you just never know.”

Please order your copy today on  amazon.com  and download a updated copy to your Kindle.


July 17, 2012

Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories in Print!

Sharon and I's book, Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) is now available in print on   amazon.com .  Some people had questions about different things in some of the stories so Sharon added the information to the printed version.  We now know what happens to the little girl in the swing set story. I wanted to try my hand at designing not only a book cover but a full wraparound.  The printed version has a different cover than the Kindle/Nook version.  I also fixed the photos and added various frames of objects found in the desert.

"Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) offers a new perspective on abandoned sites, as a psychic and a photographer explore 12 forgotten locales in the Sonoran Desert.  Sharon Day utilizes her psychic skills to read objects at each site, while Julie Ferguson photographs the accompanying stark compositions.  Together, the images and stories from the past bring life to these now-dead locations.  If you've ever wondered about an old run down building and what it was like in its heyday, ever wanted to see inside a psychic's visions, ever wanted to wander the remote desert, then this book is for you."

July 12, 2012

Abandoned Places: The Book Wraparound

Here is the wraparound I designed for our hard copy version of Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) book.  It is the first wraparounds I designed.