August 18, 2012

Book Cover Ideas

I am currently working on a book cover for Sharon and I's Paranormal Geeks book.  Here are some I did.  We liked these but did not pick them as the final cover.

August 9, 2012

Paranormal Geeks Shop is Open

I have opened a Paranormal Geeks Book cafepress shop with merchandise to go with the Paranormal Geeks book Sharon and I are doing together.  I created the designs with two versions of each, one for dark/black clothes and another for light/white clothes.

"Show everyone you are passionate about horror movies, ghost tours, Bigfoot sightings, UFO tales, and all things unexplained.  The upcoming book "Paranormal Geeks" was inspired by your love of the subject matters and to show the love, we are offering this amazing array of logos on tons of items. Be proud to say you are a paranormal geek."

August 1, 2012

Interesting Junk

Lots of stuff were just lying around where other trailers once stood.  Now at the trailer park there stands one lone trailer and all this junk such as toys, furniture, and luggage surrounding it.