December 30, 2014

Dirty Birdy Soap

Dirty Birdy provides organic, and vegan glycerin soaps along with other bath products.  In 2008, the creators were tired or using products which were environmentally unsafe and harsh on their skin.  They did a number of tests with various components before finally coming up with biodegradable, vegan-friendly and organic products, which are gluten free.  Along with the soaps and bath products, Dirty Birdy also has organic massage candles, body scrubs, bath salts, and animal shampoos.  Their merchandise is invigorating and will bring your skin back to its youthful luster, all while safeguarding our precious earth.

On their Facebook page, you will note their mission which states:  “Our mission is to provide customers with affordable, luxurious, eco-friendly, locally-sourced and completely vegan bath and body products!”


Dirty Birdy Soap Facebook Page

I bought this one and it smelt fantastic!

December 28, 2014

El Zocalo Mexican Grille

After Sharon and I checked out the Christmas tree made from tumbleweeds and hit the Chandler Farmer's Market, we were hungry.  We spotted the El Zocalo Mexican food sign and decided to check the place out.  We had a choice to sit in the patio or inside, and since it was a bit chilly outside, we picked a table inside.  The place was nice, but noisy.  The ladies next to us were having a get-together and every time they laughed, it vibrated our table.  All and all, the food was delicious and the service was good.  If you are in the downtown area of Chandler, AZ, and you are in the mood for Mexican food, be sure to give El Zocalo Mexican Grille a try.

El Zocalo Mexican Grille
28 S. San Marcos Place
Chandler, AZ

December 27, 2014

Sun Valley Bees

Sun Valley Bees, LLC, furnishes the community with "local raw honey".  They also have bee pollen, royal jelly, and 100% pure beeswax.  They have a huge assortment of honey and jelly to tantalize your pallet, all directly from the beekeeper himself.

Daniel Ciurdar

December 25, 2014

Tumbleweed Christmas Tree

Where else but Arizona will you find a Christmas tree made from tumbleweeds?  This tree can be found in downtown Chandler.  I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays.

December 23, 2014

Past & Present Mereantile

The Past and Present Mercantile is a site and shop where you can find all kinds of merchandise.  You can peruse their website and find items such as collectibles, screen printing, embroidery, T-shirt, glass art, and many more things.  They specialize in screen printing and monogramming logos.  As they state on their website, "We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence."


December 21, 2014

Redemption Market

Redemption Market is a place where you can find "Sak Saum" products, and locally produced articles.  Sak Saum items are prepared and made by Cambodia adults who came from deplorable lives and are able to turn things around.  Check out their website for more about these people and all the products they have for sale.


December 19, 2014

Peace of Mind Products

A wonderful array of handmade products for sale.  They are currently working on their website and should have it up and running soon.  Meanwhile, if you would like to know more or custom order any of their products, you can email them at,

Here are some pictures I took of some of their products they have for sale.

December 17, 2014

Vintage '55 Dodge Royal Lancer

This vintage car is parked on Erie Street in Lowell, Arizona.

This one has been restored like new.

December 9, 2014

Littlewing Jewelry & Design

In Bisbee, AZ, there is a place down from the Copper Queen Hotel, and part of historic downtown known as "The Mall".  It has a coffee place, restaurants, shops and kiosks.  In one of the kiosks, my sister-in-law and I found an awesome display of jewelry.  The Littlewing Jewelry & Design is owned and operated by Jesse and Mike.

You will find a huge amount of handmade pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings.  I loved many of the pieces, but decided to purchase the pink pendant (above).  Jesse said the stone is a phodochrosife stone.  I can't pronounce the name, but I love the stone.

Their website is still under construction, but you can check it out anyway:

December 3, 2014

Cartoons R Wayne

Cartoons R Wayne is the place where you will find a variety of innovative and customized automotive cartoon portraits.   He can design any logo, but concentrates on colorful cartoons of vehicles along with their owners, or drivers, or perhaps a “Fantasy Figure or Figures”.  No matter the type of vehicle (cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles or airplanes), he can sketch it.  He usually draws from a picture provided by his client, but it is not essential to the drawing.  He has a large array of photos at his disposal.

You can enjoy his designs on t-shirts or canvas prints.  He offers “limited edition canvas prints” which are complete and ready to adorn your wall.

“Cartoons R Wayne is the official cartoonist for RAT ROD Magazine and has had art work published in every issue since number six”

Check out his website:

Drawn by Cartoons R Wayne

December 1, 2014

Dee and Hal C F Astell

Dee Astell (Event Coordinator)

Dee is an event coordinator and can put together entertainment for Steampunk, fashion shows, photog. costume contests, panels & workshops.  At the Wild Wild West Con (Steampunk Convention), she is the costume and Steampunk fashion director.  Dee is also a photographer at the WOD newspaper and webzine.  On her website, Wicked Winks, you see the creative side of this whimsical lady.  Her creations span from scrap kits, lighthouses, unicorns, doll makers, to offering tools, games, and much more.  You can see the amusing side of Dee on her Facebook page where she jests about attending “the school of hard knocks, University of Life”.

Read her personal page on her website and see what a truly wonderful and lighthearted person Dee really is.

Hal (Writer, Apocalypse Later)

Dee’s husband Hal is also as talented as his wife.  Hal moved to Phoenix from northern England, and is still trying to get used to the unbearable summer heat.  He is enormously interested in every aspect of filmmaking.  Hal is a teacher, but has a fondness for writing and is a movie reviewer for his blog, Apocalypse Later.  He is always eager to talk movies, especially if they are 50’s B movies or Asian horror flicks.  When he is not teaching or writing movie reviews, you can find him at film festivals, conventions and events.  You can’t miss Hal.  He is usually the one wearing a kilt.  I found him delightful and charming when he visited Sharon and I’s table at Phoenix FearCon.

Hal’s blog, Apocalypse Later has now morphed into print.  He has two books which can be found at Amazon and other online stores.  The names of the books are:

Velvet Glove Cast in Iron: The Films of Tura Satana
Huh?: An A-Z of Why Classic American Bad Movies Were Made

Check out Hal’s blog and read his reviews and other miscellaneous stories:

November 29, 2014

Eight-Zero Creative

Eight-Zero Creative is the brainchild of John Mata who is an Art Director currently living in Texas.  John’s innovative illustrations consists of professional sports trading cards, while independently designing movie posters and modern vintage work.  His designs entail hand lettering, type, logo design, branding, and gorgeous drawings.  Some of his former clients and companies he works for are the National Football and Hockey League, National Basketball Association, Fossil and Adidas.

I found all his information on his website and Facebook page.  Check them out to find out more of Eight-Zero Creative and see John’s amazing artwork.

Be sure to also check out:

November 27, 2014

Rock Rebel Shop

Rock Rebel is a place where you can purchase apparel of all sorts.  Their store started in 2003 and is where they create frills and attire with themes for those Rock n Roll, Punk Rock, Rockabilly, and Psychobilly lovers.  Their paraphernalia was also geared towards the comic book collectors, obsessive monster fans, and those who are devoted to their horror flicks.  Their inventory consist of shirts, hats, hoodies, handbags, wallets, and jewelry.  There is stuff for every man, woman and child.  All their apparels are licensed products.

Check out their website and browse the many items.  I am sure there is something you will find that you just have to purchase.