July 8, 2014


I am rather new at taking selfies.  I had trouble coordinating my thumb and the camera button.  Either my fingers got in the way or I would cut me out of the picture.   Also, I was 35 lbs. heavier and didn't like taking pictures of myself.  On my latest trip to VA, I decided to include myself in photos showing where I was.  I think these selfies turned out okay.

Drinking a Pina Colada

Inside the rental car.

At Haven Beach.

Sun tanning at Haven Beach.

On a boat tour on Mobjack Bay.

Having fun at Dinosaur Land.


  1. Hee hee -
    It's a great way to look back and see how you felt about a place. I can often see in my expression just how the place made me feel. I love the dino one! Haha

    1. Yeah, Dinosaur Land was a blast. It brought out the kid in us.