September 18, 2014

Creating Art With Pencils and Paint

Art by Dennis Rano

Besides photography, I love sketching with pencils or pens, and painting.  There are so many people out in the world that can take those medias and create the most extraordinary, magical, life-like art.  I follow blogs, websites, and Facebook pages of these talented people.  Here are some I love:

Valerie Bruzzi - I have to say that I am a bit prejudice because she is my cousin.  I love her paintings and proud to put her number one on my list.

Lori Plyler - She is armed with paints, pencils and a sewing machine.  I love her bags. & Facebook

Dennis Rano - He does the most amazing caricatures.  I am proud and honored that he did one of me.

Tracy Dove - Her drawings are very colorful and fun.  Facebook &

Ink Bomb Tattoos - There are lots of tattoos shops with talented artist, this is the one I went to. Facebook &

Art by April - I feel like a proud Mama when I see the amazing drawings by April.  She is a friend of my daughter's and I have know her since she was a little girl. Facebook &

**This is just a small list of the many talented artists that have embraced us with their fantastic art.

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