September 6, 2014

Cryptic and Bigfoot Artists

I am totally amazed on the exceptionable drawings, paintings and sculptures of cryptic and other creatures. There are many out there.  Here are some that I follow:

I follow a couple of his Facebook pages.  He not only does real-looking animal sculptures, but Bigfoot ones as well.  Check out this talented man's work:
Bigfoot Sculptures - Facebook
Bigfoot Sculptures - Etsy

"A place to buy various sculptures, figurines of Sasquatch (Bigfoot), yetis and more."

Jason Shanaman Animal Sculpture - Facebook

On this Facebook page and Etsy shop, you can find sculptures of reptiles and the great apes (Orangutans, gorillas, bearded dragons, Uomastyx, geckos, and many more...)

THOMAS FINLEY:  (Facebook)

What can I say about this incredibly amazing artist.  I love all of his cryptic art, especially his many pictures of Bigfoot.  He has designed the art for book covers, T-shirts, and postcards.  His creations takes you on a wonderful experience of the unknown through his perplexing and colorful art.

Here are a couple of pages with creature and cryptic art found in various Etsy shops.
Etsy Creature Art
Etsy Cryptic Art

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