September 27, 2014

Odds and Ends Favorites

Schiffer Publishing - it goes without saying, they are publishing my Arizona's Back Roads travel book.   Facebook

Repurposed Recycled Reused Reclaimed Restored - their art starts with junk that is turned into usable items or furniture.  Facebook

Yard Sale Finds - the title says it all.

Lush Cosmetics - every time Sharon and I shop at Chandler mall, we always make our way to the Lush store.  I love all their cosmetics from hair, face, and body products.   Facebook

Mathews Deadrise Charters - when Sharon and I wanted to take a tour out to the New Point Comfort Lighthouse in Virginia, we hired Mathews Deadrise Charters and Captain Trey.  He was an awesome tour guide.  I highly recommend you book his tour if you want a wonderful experience on the waterways of Virginia.   Facebook

Joshua Gates - my favorite host on a TV show.  He took us on adventures with Syfy's Destination Truth and entertained us with his wit and humor.  I was sad when DT ended, but very excited to hear about his next show, Travel Channel's "Expedition Unknown".   Facebook

Paranormal Geeks Radio - This radio station was born out of Sharon and I's book, Paranormal Geeks.  Jim Heater is your host and every Tuesday he will entertain you with a variety of interesting guests.  Check it out:   Facebook

Southwest Abandoned Places - my Facebook page where I showcase all my abandoned photography.  Check it out and click the "like" button.  Facebook

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