September 1, 2014

September is Favorites Month

Since my loves are art, crafts, and photography, I will mention in several posts my favorite artists, photographers, blogs and websites that I frequently visit.  There are many very talented artists that always amaze me with their extraordinary talent.  They express their arts and crafts through drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photography.  They may not know it yet, but they have entertained me through their creativity and taught me to be much better at my craft.

I will give you links to their websites, blogs and Facebook pages.  Since I have an Etsy shop and a couple of Cafepress shops, those will be included as well.  Also, I am getting into refurbishing and re-purposing old items and antiques.  Decorating with antiques, distressed items, and reusing stuff in other ways than they were originally used for, is how I like to decorate.  I will also be doing a post on sites and TV shows where many great ideas for this type of decorating are the main focus.

I want to bring attention to my design blog and to all the talented people who deserve a shout out.

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