September 15, 2014

Wearing Art: Awesome Jewelry

Not only can you display your art, but you can wear it as well.  I am a jewelry freak and love not only looking at it, but buying it as well.  My taste go from yellow gold bling, to silver with turquoise, blank onyx, and opals.  I have it all depending on my mood.  I have found several sites where I can lurk and shop.  Here is just some of them:

Emerging Creatively Jewelry (Kimberlie Kohler) Facebook

Dishfunctional Designs - broken china jewelry, repurposed crafts and art

Boo Dazzle Boutique (Facebook) - skull cameos on charms, rings, earrings and hair clips

Trash City Beads (Facebook) - jewelry made from strands of beads, - lots of bling and vintage rings - unique handmade jewelry - silver and copper handmade wearable art - glass bead jewelry - unique artisan jewelry - vintage inspired artisan jewelry

**There are many, many more Etsy shops and other sites where one-of-a-kind jewelry can be found.

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