October 9, 2014

Fall Decorating

You don't have to spend lots of money to decorate your house for the fall.  I like to do crafts, so looking for decorations at craft and hobby stores is where you will find me.  You can also find interesting all decorations at thrift stores.  Maybe someone got tired of their old decorations and now they find new life at your house.  Around here, I have my favorites:

1.  Michaels
2.  Hobby Lobby
3.  Ross
4.  TJ Maxx
5.  Goodwill
6.  The 99 cent stores
7.  Target
8.  Walmart

These are only a few places I have found great fall decorating ideas.  I also like to go to antique stores and flea markets for that one-of-a-kind or unusual item that will make my decorating complete.  If you have any great ideas for fall decorating, I would love to hear about them.

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