October 6, 2014

October is Everything Fall Month

This is my favorite time of year.  For this month, I will bring you all kinds of fall happenings or decorations from events, to art, to unusual things.  I have events planned for this month, my birthday, and tons of pictures I have taken during the fall.  Phoenix does not have the change in colors like you see everywhere else.  But, I managed to hit other towns north and east of the valley that do provide you with a gorgeous array of colorful scenery.  Also, I will link you to places and other sites that have great fall items or showcase their amazing decorations.  Schnepf Farms is my first fall event and I will share what I find there.

October ends with Halloween and all its spooky glory.  You will also be treated to more creepy and fun events and decorations.  Have a great October.  I plan to...

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