October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Rookies

Sharon Day and I were armed with her Ray Villafane's pumpkin carving master tool set and an innocent pumpkin to be carved.  Sharon just bought the kit and this was its maiden voyage.  She set the table up with two pumpkins and decided to wait to carve the second one.  We both did the typical pumpkin faces, but we were rookies on carving a face.

She wanted the face to be a zombie so she found the perfect zombie model online.  After that, we cut the top off for a candle to be placed inside later.  I got the wonderful job of removing the guts, which I oddly enjoyed.  We decided to save the seeds and bake them later to be consumed.

Next, Sharon started scraping the top layer of the pumpkin in the area she wanted the face to be added.  She started carving the deep areas first and then shaped the nose, eyes and mouth.  After the basic carving was done, she took the small tools to define the details.  When she finally finished, we added a baby doll's head for effect.  We were proud of our first attempt at making a pumpkin.  I should say, her first attempt.  I took the guts out, and snapped all the pictures.

For more information on Ray Villafane's art, check out Sharon's post:

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