November 25, 2014

Brunswick Zone and Cosmic Bowling

The Brunswick bowling places, you can enjoy bowling as well as billiards, video games and much more.  It is a fun place for family and friends to just have a great time.

The company all started with John Brunswick who moved from Switzerland to the United States at 14 years of age.  He created the Cincinnati Carriage Making Company from a tiny workshop.  They fashioned carriages, cabinets, tables and chairs.  In 1845, they built the first billiards table for a meat packer.  Word spread like crazy and soon they were mass producing tables for many clients.  The company grew and became known as Brunswick Corporation.

Today, Brunswick Zone bowling offers many amenities for your entire family.  They have nights of Cosmic Bowling, also you can enjoy laser tag, billiards, and arcade games.  Check out their Facebook and website to find out more about them and where to bowl near you:

Cosmic Bowling is basically "glow-in-the-dark bowling" which makes you feel like you are bowling at a night club.  Music is blast throughout the place with a "state-of-the-art sound system".  You will have an awesome time bowling with music, lights, lasers, and a fog machine.

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