December 3, 2014

Cartoons R Wayne

Cartoons R Wayne is the place where you will find a variety of innovative and customized automotive cartoon portraits.   He can design any logo, but concentrates on colorful cartoons of vehicles along with their owners, or drivers, or perhaps a “Fantasy Figure or Figures”.  No matter the type of vehicle (cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles or airplanes), he can sketch it.  He usually draws from a picture provided by his client, but it is not essential to the drawing.  He has a large array of photos at his disposal.

You can enjoy his designs on t-shirts or canvas prints.  He offers “limited edition canvas prints” which are complete and ready to adorn your wall.

“Cartoons R Wayne is the official cartoonist for RAT ROD Magazine and has had art work published in every issue since number six”

Check out his website:

Drawn by Cartoons R Wayne