December 1, 2014

Dee and Hal C F Astell

Dee Astell (Event Coordinator)

Dee is an event coordinator and can put together entertainment for Steampunk, fashion shows, photog. costume contests, panels & workshops.  At the Wild Wild West Con (Steampunk Convention), she is the costume and Steampunk fashion director.  Dee is also a photographer at the WOD newspaper and webzine.  On her website, Wicked Winks, you see the creative side of this whimsical lady.  Her creations span from scrap kits, lighthouses, unicorns, doll makers, to offering tools, games, and much more.  You can see the amusing side of Dee on her Facebook page where she jests about attending “the school of hard knocks, University of Life”.

Read her personal page on her website and see what a truly wonderful and lighthearted person Dee really is.

Hal (Writer, Apocalypse Later)

Dee’s husband Hal is also as talented as his wife.  Hal moved to Phoenix from northern England, and is still trying to get used to the unbearable summer heat.  He is enormously interested in every aspect of filmmaking.  Hal is a teacher, but has a fondness for writing and is a movie reviewer for his blog, Apocalypse Later.  He is always eager to talk movies, especially if they are 50’s B movies or Asian horror flicks.  When he is not teaching or writing movie reviews, you can find him at film festivals, conventions and events.  You can’t miss Hal.  He is usually the one wearing a kilt.  I found him delightful and charming when he visited Sharon and I’s table at Phoenix FearCon.

Hal’s blog, Apocalypse Later has now morphed into print.  He has two books which can be found at Amazon and other online stores.  The names of the books are:

Velvet Glove Cast in Iron: The Films of Tura Satana
Huh?: An A-Z of Why Classic American Bad Movies Were Made

Check out Hal’s blog and read his reviews and other miscellaneous stories:

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