January 9, 2015

Artists of the Rim

The Artists of the Rim Fine Art Gallery features a large array of artists and many unique items.  The place is owned and operated by the artists themselves.  You can wander around their new facility, enjoy the creative crafts and paintings.  You will also have the opportunity to talk with the artists themselves and ask about their work.

On their flyer they state:

"Fine Art Doesn't Have to Match Your Couch"
"This was a sign that we had in our gallery in the early days, and we do believe that art should be something you enjoy for its own sake and how it speaks to you, not for the sole purpose of decorating your home.  But no matter why your are looking for a piece of fine, hand mad art, you will find a wide variety in the artists of the Rim Gallery.  We have oils, acrylics, scratchboard, glass, gourds, sculptures, jewelry, woodworking, fiber art, and much more to suit the discerning taste."

Artists of the Rim Fine Art Gallery
618 N. Hwy 87, Payson, AZ

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