February 16, 2015

Bowlin's Picacho Peak Plaza

Along Interstate 10, between Phoenix and Tucson is a great stopping point for travelers.  The Picacho Peak Plaza is an ultramodern store and part of the Bowlin Travel Centers.  It is located across the highway from the Picacho Peak Park, the famous mountain, and near the Dairy Queen Travel Center.  From the time it opened in 1985, anyone traveling north or south has access to the store and gas station.

On the outside of the building are several gas pumps for you to fill up before heading on your way.  The store inside is huge.  There is an array of commodities from southwestern objects, souvenirs, jewelry, Mexican items, and much more.  There is an area with convenient store bits and pieces, along with a Subway Sandwich Shop.

Whenever my friends and I are traveling south towards Tucson, we always stop there, and again on our way back home to Phoenix.  I will usually top off my tank, use the restroom, and check out the merchandise.  I have bought rings, necklaces, and other items every time we are there.  The prices are low and the service is great.  Be sure to check out the Picacho Peak Plaza the next time you are traveling from Phoenix to Tucson or vice verse.

I bought both these rings there.
Dry Creek Turquoise

Pink Opals in Rose Gold

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