April 16, 2015

Untamed Confections

This picture is from their Facebook page.

This organically and nutritious family owned business is environmentally safe.  Their treats are made from the most optimum components bought from local organic farms.  Not only do they use ingredients found indigenous to their area, but you will never find any imitation or man-made ingredients in any of their creations.  Even their packaging is recyclable and green.

The company is owned by Linda and Tom Williams.  Linda is a “published award winning cloisonne enamel art jeweler”.  She creates the most tantalizing treats that will put a smile on anyone’s face.  Her honey caramel delights are scrumptious.  Tom's passion with keeping the environment clean and safe is inspired in all they create.  He enjoys working with Linda on their exceptional honey caramel /chocolate indulgences.

For more on Untamed Confections and their treats, check out their website and Facebook page:

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