May 29, 2015

Bakers Racks

I love bakers racks and their many uses.  Like me, many will add them to their kitchen for decorating and adding kitchen items.  You can use them on your porch and back patio.  They look great with plants and old rustic items.  They also look good in bathrooms with towels or other bath accessories. They add the right look to your indoor or outdoor decorations.  I have one that I found at an antique store and added it to my kitchen.  I needed a place to display my old tins and wine bottles.

May 26, 2015

Kids Room Ideas

I am glad we are able to have a separate room just for our grandkids, also family and friends children to have fun in.  I took my six year old granddaughter to help me to add toys and other fun stuff to the room.  She did lean towards things she wanted, but I was able to think of the others.  This is the room so far.  It still needs cool stuff to adorn the walls.

The antique metal hat rack is a great place to hang buckets with crayolas, colored markers, pencils and other art items for their creativity.  Below, I added an antique kids school chair along with a bear and Scooby Doo I also found at an antique store.  The suitcase is hiding Barbies.

We choose a daybed for relaxing on in the day to watch TV and movies.  For the nighttime, they can sleep on it.  The room is red, white, blue and grey.  The white tiger was free after buying lots of furniture at American Furniture Warehouse.  This is a great place to shop for furniture and home accessories.  Their prices are awesome!

The white vanity table was our granddaughter's Christmas gift.  It didn't fit in her room, so we have it here until she wants it.  The mini house and rooms were made from kits.  All the furniture was mine, but I was happy to share with my grandkids.  Inside the boxes on the floor next to the Mystery Machine are lots of little characters.  Some go with the house, but all end up living in them at some time, LOL.

I found this table at an antique store and is perfect for art projects, puzzles, building legos, and eating a meal.  It was a great find for this room.  I put the TV on a small nightstand so it wouldn't take up space.  Below, are DVD's and books for the kids to enjoy.

May 23, 2015

Beetlejuice on Duty

I have Beetlejuice guarding our 1930's antique safe.  Even tho there isn't anything inside, he still takes his duty seriously.  He is being watched by the green plant lady.  Both were created by the talented Tom Deadstuff.  I added my iPod next to him so he will have music to enjoy.  I also have taken advantage of the safe being metal and added some magnets, one of which holds my antique cane.

May 20, 2015

Decorating With Old Crates

I had these old crates for a long time and haven't had a place to display them.  Now that I have my own room, I am able to use them as shelves.  One is a Pepsi crate and the other is Coke.  I love the way they look with the old wood shelf I found at an antique store.  Most of the items on the shelves are antiques, some are things I found at abandoned places, while others are awesome art pieces made by friends.  Next to the shelves, I hung an old bike basket.  I love this space in my room.

May 17, 2015

My New Space

I love our new home and the fact that I have my own space.  This room serves as my office, a place to do my crafts, a area to ride my exer-bike, and to hang or showcase all my interesting stuff.  Some are my arts, antiques, weird items, and art from my friends.  It is a work in progress and I am looking forward to adding more.

I even added a place for Desi to lay while in the room with me.

May 10, 2015

Shop For Sale

This shop is for sale in Gila Bend.  If anyone is interested in buying it, here is the information:
Cactus N Stuff
404 W. Pima Street
Gila Bend, AZ 85337
(928) 683-2411

May 8, 2015

May 6, 2015

Once Up

In two years, this white van was stripped and pushed on its side.

May 4, 2015

May 2, 2015

Urban Exploring

These pictures were taken of me by my friend Sharon while we were urban exploring in Mobile and Gila Bend, Arizona.