May 26, 2015

Kids Room Ideas

I am glad we are able to have a separate room just for our grandkids, also family and friends children to have fun in.  I took my six year old granddaughter to help me to add toys and other fun stuff to the room.  She did lean towards things she wanted, but I was able to think of the others.  This is the room so far.  It still needs cool stuff to adorn the walls.

The antique metal hat rack is a great place to hang buckets with crayolas, colored markers, pencils and other art items for their creativity.  Below, I added an antique kids school chair along with a bear and Scooby Doo I also found at an antique store.  The suitcase is hiding Barbies.

We choose a daybed for relaxing on in the day to watch TV and movies.  For the nighttime, they can sleep on it.  The room is red, white, blue and grey.  The white tiger was free after buying lots of furniture at American Furniture Warehouse.  This is a great place to shop for furniture and home accessories.  Their prices are awesome!

The white vanity table was our granddaughter's Christmas gift.  It didn't fit in her room, so we have it here until she wants it.  The mini house and rooms were made from kits.  All the furniture was mine, but I was happy to share with my grandkids.  Inside the boxes on the floor next to the Mystery Machine are lots of little characters.  Some go with the house, but all end up living in them at some time, LOL.

I found this table at an antique store and is perfect for art projects, puzzles, building legos, and eating a meal.  It was a great find for this room.  I put the TV on a small nightstand so it wouldn't take up space.  Below, are DVD's and books for the kids to enjoy.

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