August 11, 2015

The Welcome Paddle

I took an unpainted paddle, added paint and other items to make a cool "Welcome" sign for a house or any other place you want to welcome your guests.  This item is ready for purchase in my Etsy shop:  Welcome Paddle Sign

The first coat is a Cerulean blue.  I printed the welcome sign and another backwards to decoupage to the board.  I will use four corks from wine bottles as hooks.  (I love Moscato!)

The top coat is white.

I painted the corks white and found a shell necklace I may or may not use.

After decoupaging the Welcome, I used water to rub off the back of the paper until the sign came through.  I like how the letters look old and worn.  I sanded the board and letters to give it a more weathered look.

I added hooks on the back for hanging and the cork hooks.  Those are attached with screws and glue to give them strength to last a long time.

I like how the final project came out.  It is perfect for hanging your hat, sweater, scarf, jewelry or any type of art.

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