March 31, 2016

Back Roads and Cows

The landscape changes so much as you travel around Arizona.  On my last road trip, we ended up on the back roads heading towards the ghost town of Stanton.  This 6 mile dirt road drive had the typical cacti, mountains and shrubbery.  But, on this trip, we ran into cows.  Although they didn't bother with us, one calf wasn't happy that we stopped on the road to get directions, and was in his way.  His walk was disrupted, and after he passed by, he let us know.  We are pretty sure he was cussing at us.

This is the pissed off calf.

March 23, 2016

Backyard Blooming

My backyard is blooming and looks wonderful.  I am excited for spring, but my allergies are a mess.  My hubby and I have been getting the yard ready for planting, and now it is time.  I will take pictures as things progress.  For now, this is what things look like today.

March 14, 2016

Etsy: New Signs

I have opened my Etsy shop and added three signs to start with.