April 27, 2016

Laughlin: Pictures From Around Town

My husband and I, along with another couple, spent the last weekend in Laughlin.  We were celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary, and they were celebrating getting married.  There was a beer fest event going on that weekend with live bands and fun artists booths.  We didn't win big, but managed to come home with money in our pockets.  Laughlin is a fun little place to getaway for a weekend or longer.

April 20, 2016

Planter Boxes

A friend made us four 4x8 planter boxes for our veggie/herb garden.  One will be for the grandkids to plant what they want, one is my hubby's to care for and the other two are mine.  We are going to paint them, put the stakes in the ground, fill them with dirt and soil.  I plan to make nice paths between each box.  I have so many ideas for our garden.

April 9, 2016

April 2, 2016

Lucy and Ethel Sleeping in My Car

Okay, it wasn't literally Lucy and Ethel, but some of the stuff my friend Sharon and I do reminds us of the comical pair.  We set out to do a ghost investigation in Stanton, AZ, a town set in the Rich Hill mountains.  The settlement was founded in 1863 when a huge gold vein was unearthed nearby.  It had its share of murders and mayhem thanks to its self-appointed ruler, Charles Stanton.  He was among the many who were killed in Stanton.  They say that his spirit along with others are trapped in the town and haunting the living.

So off we went from my house to Stanton.  We stopped in Wickenburg for lunch, checking out historic sites, and then dinner.  After dinner, we headed off to Stanton to meet up with our friends to investigate the town.  Of course, it took us driving the wrong direction on a dirt road, missing the turn off, twice, before we finally found our friends.  (Again, Lucy and Ethel, lol)

The investigation started with talking to the locals and teaching them how to ghost hunt.  By 10 pm, everyone left and it was just our team which was Sharon, Dave and myself.  We had an interesting investigation with activity we couldn't explain. By the time we decided to call it quits, it was 2 am.  Man, we were tired.  Dave decided to leave and drive home, but we thought trying to sleep in my car was a good idea.  It would have been if we planned it better.

It was a cold and windy night.  We were not prepared.  We didn't bring pillows or blankets.  I don't know what we were thinking, apparently we were not.  Sharon sat in the passenger side and I hopped in the drivers side.  We put the seats back as far as they would go and I locked the door.  Now the fun begins.  I had a change of clothes and used my pants as a pillow.  Sharon used her extra clothes too to cover herself and as a pillow.  The alarm light was so bright and flashing, so we used her shorts to cover the light.  Unfortunately, I kept setting off the alarm and was afraid I would wake the others sleeping in their RV's.  Finally, I decided to try and lay in the back seat.  I crawled back there, used my backpack and pants as pillows for my head.  I started to get chilly, so my extra shirt became my blanket.  I was partially covered and chilly.

While I was trying to get some sleep balled up in the back seat, Sharon was having troubles of her own.  She needed the shorts blocking the flashing light as covers.  Since the light was bothering her, she used her extra bra as a eye cover.  I can't imagine what we looked like.  We were so tired and punchy that we kept laughing.  Sharon's laugh sounded like she was wheezing which made me laugh more.  We put up with it for 2 hours and then said "screw this" and left.  We loaded up on caffeine, stopped at a McDonald's along the way, and made it to my house by 6:30 am.  We both slept for over 3 hours, before Sharon went home.

Moral of the story, be prepared and your overnight trip will be more comfortable.  Next time, blankets, pillows and a foam mattress.