June 17, 2016

Dr. Lynn S. Kahn

I never talk about politics on my blogs or any of the other social media sites.  I just don’t like to get into to it with others.  However, I have not liked my choices for president and wasn’t sure who to vote for come election time.

This past weekend, Sharon Day and I went to Arcosanti in Arizona near Cordes Junction.  We had always wanted to see that place and our friend Lance provided us with the opportunity.  The High Desert Heritage Museum and Visitor Center had a 2nd anniversary open house and he invited us to speak there.  Since the museum was near Arcosanti, we decided to stay there a night to check out the dwellings.  (I wrote about Arcosanti and the museum on my Above the Norm blog.)

While there, we met one of Lance’s friends, Dr. Lynn Kahn, and found out that she is running for president as an independent.  She is working diligently to get on the ballot come this fall.  I have to say I was very impressed with this woman and all her experience working with the White House and government.   Her remarkable government history, intelligence, and her endorsement by veterans, make her a solid candidate for president.  She focuses on reducing government waste, overspending, changing federal organizations, decreasing violence, funding new police, developing partnerships, and other problems that are plaguing our economy.  It was refreshing to meet someone with experience and felt the same way I do about how our country is being ran.

If you are looking for someone other than your republican and democratic choices, check out Lynn Kahn.  If you like what she stands for, put her on the ballot or write her in come election time.

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