June 23, 2016

Mary Ann DiSpirito-Wales

I met Mary Ann this past weekend and found her to be a fascinating person to talk with.  She has published over 1,500 articles since 1993, wrote two books, several short stories, and has many photographs documenting of all her experiences.  Some of the subjects she has written about are from constructing a golf course, residential and commercial developments and renovation.  Other topics include tax laws, aging, disability awareness, health, fitness, psychic healers, pets, travel,history, and gardening tips.  It appears there is not many subjects Mary Ann has not touched upon.

Mary Ann has worked in theatre as an actor, director, producer, and costume designer.  She is still a very busy women and working on a novel and movie script.  I was just amazed at what a full life she has had and still having.

Here is her blog information and profile:  https://www.blogger.com/profile/10225409998002430383

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