August 29, 2016

Grand Canyon Coffee and Cafe

In the same historic building and on the street level under the Red Garter Inn, is the Grand Canyon Coffee and Cafe.  Whenever you stay at the Red Garter, breakfast is included at the cafe.  With its convenient location across the street from the train station, and in the center of historic downtown Williams, it is the perfect place to grab a bite before and after the train ride or shopping.

You have a diverse menu of Chinese, Mexican, and American meals.  All their sauces are homemade and delicious.  Many of Williams locals can be found dining in the cafe.  Check out their website for more information about this place:

August 26, 2016

Grand Canyon Native Jewelry

Located smack in the center of downtown Williams in Arizona, and on historic Route 66, sits the Grand Canyon Native Jewelry shop.  There you will find a sizable array of genuine Native American jewelry from customary to modern styles.  All the turquoise is from the Southwest with no imitation or imported stones.  Each stone is either set in sterling silver or 14K gold.  The shop also offers all types of Native American pottery.

I purchased the ring in the photo above.  I am a huge fan of Dry Creek Turquoise which is also known as Sacred Buffalo.  This stone was first discovered in 1993 on the Shoshone reservation in Nevada.  It wasn’t until 1996 when the stone was first used in jewelry.  The color is light and very different from all other turquoise stones.  Today, the Dry Creek Turquoise is getting harder and harder to find.  When the vein finally runs dry, this will be the end for this gorgeous stone.

The lady who made this particular ring is Laura Plummer.  She has been making jewelry for over 30 years and was taught by her mother.  She is part of the Navajo tribe in New Mexico.  Her husband, Earl, is an award winning Navajo jeweler and has won many accolades for his work.  All the pieces done by Laura have her initials L.P. stamped on the back.

August 23, 2016

Navajo Secrets

Picture is from their Facebook page:
All their jewelry, pottery, and other items are genuine and created by Native American Artists. They only use real stones.  You will not find any imitation or import stones in any of their jewelry.  I met the young lady who is running the business her great-grandmother started who is still actively working on items while in her 90's.  Since they don't have a permanent store at the moment, you can find there stuff on their website and Facebook page.  For now, their are traveling throughout the Sedona and Grand Canyon areas selling their awesome jewelry and other Native American creations.


August 19, 2016

Decorating My Shutter

I bought this shutter at the antique mall.  I found some great ideas on Pinterest and saved them in my "upcycled doors and windows" board. (  When I finally get it decorated and put in the right location in my house or yard, I will post the pictures.

To get the links to the following pictures, check out my Pinterest board.

August 16, 2016

Cartoons R Wayne: Challenger Shaker

Wayne Statler has done it again.  He did another amazing drawing of my husband's car.  This time he drew his 2016 Dodge Challenger Shaker.  Be sure to check out his Facebook page and see all his wonderful drawings.  This drawing has over a thousand likes and many shares.

August 13, 2016

CafePress Logo Updates

I finally figured out how to get rid of the white box around my logos on each of my Cafepress shops.  I think they look more professional and attractive.  Check them out again and glance through each shop's items and designs.

August 10, 2016

My Etsy Shop Deals

I spent some time over the weekend revamping my Etsy shop (Girlfriends Keepsakes), changing prices and the look.  I updated my descriptions, and lowered prices on some of the items.  I have several types of necklaces, all for only $10.00.  There are vintage Puka shells (white and pink), turquoise, pendants, and dazzling beads.  I offer handmade signs on old pieces of barn wood and frames with hooks which serve dual purposes.  These items are not just for women.  There are things for men as well.

I am also offering my AZ travel book for sale with a personalized autograph.  You can have it for $20 with no shipping cost to you.  Just let me know how you want it signed.

The items in this shop reflect who I am and what I like.  If I want it, it is in my shop.  If you see something and would like to bargain on the price, just send me a message and I will see what I can do.  I will be adding more items to the shop in the near future.  I am busy working on them.  So please take a look and let me know what you think.


August 7, 2016

2016 Halloween Ideas

I saw these at the craft stores.  Lots of great Halloween decorations and party ideas.
It's never too late or early to get ready.... 

August 3, 2016

It's Fall...

... in the craft stores.  Shucks, it is my favorite time of year and I can't wait.