August 26, 2016

Grand Canyon Native Jewelry

Located smack in the center of downtown Williams in Arizona, and on historic Route 66, sits the Grand Canyon Native Jewelry shop.  There you will find a sizable array of genuine Native American jewelry from customary to modern styles.  All the turquoise is from the Southwest with no imitation or imported stones.  Each stone is either set in sterling silver or 14K gold.  The shop also offers all types of Native American pottery.

I purchased the ring in the photo above.  I am a huge fan of Dry Creek Turquoise which is also known as Sacred Buffalo.  This stone was first discovered in 1993 on the Shoshone reservation in Nevada.  It wasn’t until 1996 when the stone was first used in jewelry.  The color is light and very different from all other turquoise stones.  Today, the Dry Creek Turquoise is getting harder and harder to find.  When the vein finally runs dry, this will be the end for this gorgeous stone.

The lady who made this particular ring is Laura Plummer.  She has been making jewelry for over 30 years and was taught by her mother.  She is part of the Navajo tribe in New Mexico.  Her husband, Earl, is an award winning Navajo jeweler and has won many accolades for his work.  All the pieces done by Laura have her initials L.P. stamped on the back.

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