September 22, 2016

Farmers Market and Rock Shop

These shops are next to the Rock Springs Cafe (previous post) in Black Canyon City, AZ.

September 19, 2016

Rock Springs Cafe

Picture is from their website.
Rock Springs was once a camp for Indians and the Calvary.  It was “a watering hole for miners, cattle drives and sheepherders during the expansion of the American West territory from 1860 until 1917”. (From their website:

 In 1918, a man named Ben Warner, built a “canvas-covered” structure which stood as his store until the adobe block building was finished.  Ben did all the labor himself; transporting gas in 5 gallon cans for customers to purchase along with canvas bags for them to fill with water from the well he excavated.  For several years, the Rock provided the only telephone service for miles and had a post office for which Ben was the postmaster until 1955.

 Today, even the old stagecoach lines are still visible behind the building.  It is the “oldest independently” owned food establishment still in service in the state of Arizona.  You can stop in the Rock Springs Café for a delicious down-home meal, and their world famous homemade pies.  Next time you are driving by Black Canyon City, take the exit off and visit the historic Rock Spring Café.

September 16, 2016

For Sale: Big Barn Antiques

I see this building every time I head down Highway 69 towards Prescott from Phoenix.  I have never stopped in to check it out in all the times I drove by.  This last time, my friend and I decided to stop and wouldn't you know it, it is for sale.  Talk about bad timing.

These rusty old vehicles and tower are along the highway and near the antique barn.

September 13, 2016

Photos Around Mayer AZ

Mayer is a cute little town between Phoenix and Prescott on Highway 69.  It has lots of interesting buildings and shops.

September 10, 2016

Big Bug Station

The town of Mayer was named after its founder, Joseph Mayer in 1881. Joseph traveled around Arizona mining in several places. Before landing in Mayer, he was living in a mining camp in the Bradshaw Mountains called, Tip Top. From there he traveled to the banks of Big Bug Creek where he felt like he was home and put down roots. He purchased the Big Bug Station with gold and brought his family there to live. He had a home built along with a building for his business. This structure was constructed it with porticoes in the front and back which extended from one end to the other. One side of the building was the general merchandise store with a bar and the other side was a restaurant.

Today, you can enjoy a great meal at the deli in the Big Bug Station. The bread is all freshly made daily. The cook is proud of his homemade horseradish sauce which adds the right flavor to any sandwich. I had pastrami on sourdough with the horseradish sauce and it was the best I had ever eaten. I would recommend that if you find yourself in Mayer taking photos of the cemetery, be sure to stop at the Big Bug Station and give one of their sandwiches a try.

Big Bug Station
Hours: 6 am to 3 pm, 7 days a week

September 7, 2016

That 70's Store

I just love when a day trip turns out better than expected.  My friend and I decided to head north from Phoenix to the small town of Mayer.  We love to photograph the cemetery there and have a bite to eat at the Bug Station (next post).

As we turned the corner from the highway, we saw a sign that said "That 70's Store".  We just had to stop and check it out.  We both remember the 70's well.  The owner, Debbie, was just opening up and explained the colleague outside her door.  It was several mementos from Woodstock, even a copy of an original ticket.  It was amazing.

This is a copy of the original ticket from Woodstock '69.

Inside her shop was an amazing array of items with the 70's theme.  This place had nostalgic things and original handmade jewelry, purses, shoes and other stuff created by Debbie and her daughter.  I bought a tie-dye shirt, round sunglasses, and leather shoes.  Everything just spoke 70's.  Debbie was wonderful and inviting.  She felt like a friend right away.

If you find yourself on highway 69, between Cordes Junction and Prescott, be sure to stop in Mayer and check out the 70's shop.  Just turn down the street with the Dollar Store on the corner.  The shop will take you back to a time of groovy hippies, love and peace.

These are the funky leather shoes that I bought and made by Debbie.  They are sooooo comfortable!

September 4, 2016

Pine Country Restaurant

Right in the heart of downtown Williams, AZ is the Pine Country Restaurant.  The locals love to eat here with their variety of delicious food, great prices, and homemade pies.  Along with the restaurant, they also offer a coffee bar and gift shop.  The beverages at the bar all have quirky cowboy and cowgirls names such as "Clint Eastwood" with a shot of espresso.  In the gift shop you will find items such as purses, jewelry, kid's things, sunglasses, and much more.

I have been in this place twice.  The first time I had a blueberry a-la-mode pie.  I wanted apple but this was when the Polar Express was running and they ran out of apple.  It was delicious.  The second time, we had lunch first and then pie.  My sister-in-law had a salad, and I tried their clam chowder.  I had a small cup in order to save room for the pie.  It was yummy.  This time, we ordered a dutch apple pie a-la-mode.  OMG, not only was it mouth-watering good, but I ate the whole thing and then rolled out of there.  This is a place I recommend you try whenever you are in Williams.