September 10, 2016

Big Bug Station

The town of Mayer was named after its founder, Joseph Mayer in 1881. Joseph traveled around Arizona mining in several places. Before landing in Mayer, he was living in a mining camp in the Bradshaw Mountains called, Tip Top. From there he traveled to the banks of Big Bug Creek where he felt like he was home and put down roots. He purchased the Big Bug Station with gold and brought his family there to live. He had a home built along with a building for his business. This structure was constructed it with porticoes in the front and back which extended from one end to the other. One side of the building was the general merchandise store with a bar and the other side was a restaurant.

Today, you can enjoy a great meal at the deli in the Big Bug Station. The bread is all freshly made daily. The cook is proud of his homemade horseradish sauce which adds the right flavor to any sandwich. I had pastrami on sourdough with the horseradish sauce and it was the best I had ever eaten. I would recommend that if you find yourself in Mayer taking photos of the cemetery, be sure to stop at the Big Bug Station and give one of their sandwiches a try.

Big Bug Station
Hours: 6 am to 3 pm, 7 days a week

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