September 4, 2016

Pine Country Restaurant

Right in the heart of downtown Williams, AZ is the Pine Country Restaurant.  The locals love to eat here with their variety of delicious food, great prices, and homemade pies.  Along with the restaurant, they also offer a coffee bar and gift shop.  The beverages at the bar all have quirky cowboy and cowgirls names such as "Clint Eastwood" with a shot of espresso.  In the gift shop you will find items such as purses, jewelry, kid's things, sunglasses, and much more.

I have been in this place twice.  The first time I had a blueberry a-la-mode pie.  I wanted apple but this was when the Polar Express was running and they ran out of apple.  It was delicious.  The second time, we had lunch first and then pie.  My sister-in-law had a salad, and I tried their clam chowder.  I had a small cup in order to save room for the pie.  It was yummy.  This time, we ordered a dutch apple pie a-la-mode.  OMG, not only was it mouth-watering good, but I ate the whole thing and then rolled out of there.  This is a place I recommend you try whenever you are in Williams.

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