September 7, 2016

That 70's Store

I just love when a day trip turns out better than expected.  My friend and I decided to head north from Phoenix to the small town of Mayer.  We love to photograph the cemetery there and have a bite to eat at the Bug Station (next post).

As we turned the corner from the highway, we saw a sign that said "That 70's Store".  We just had to stop and check it out.  We both remember the 70's well.  The owner, Debbie, was just opening up and explained the colleague outside her door.  It was several mementos from Woodstock, even a copy of an original ticket.  It was amazing.

This is a copy of the original ticket from Woodstock '69.

Inside her shop was an amazing array of items with the 70's theme.  This place had nostalgic things and original handmade jewelry, purses, shoes and other stuff created by Debbie and her daughter.  I bought a tie-dye shirt, round sunglasses, and leather shoes.  Everything just spoke 70's.  Debbie was wonderful and inviting.  She felt like a friend right away.

If you find yourself on highway 69, between Cordes Junction and Prescott, be sure to stop in Mayer and check out the 70's shop.  Just turn down the street with the Dollar Store on the corner.  The shop will take you back to a time of groovy hippies, love and peace.

These are the funky leather shoes that I bought and made by Debbie.  They are sooooo comfortable!


  1. I fell madly in love with that store and Debbie is an amazing human being with such talent and heart! Can't wait to go back again.

    1. Perhaps we can on our way back from Sedona.